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In 2005, “Caspian Group” JSC started to implement the project “Affordable Housing”. The main goal of “Affordable Housing” JSC is a comprehensive solution to the problem of the development of individual housing construction, ensuring the availability of housing to a wide section of the population, as well as combining the best world experience and technologies to reduce the cost of construction.

“Affordable Housing” JSC has done large-scale work on studying the existing building technologies in the world, and the straightforward decision in the possibility of implementing this project has been the attraction of innovative world-class technologies that will allow us to build housing in the price range of 600-700 US dollars per square meter. So, in January 2006 “Affordable Housing” JSC signed the agreement with the English company “Stramit International” for the supply of equipment and technologies for the production of eco-panels, which will be used as building envelopes during construction. In June 2006, the agreement was signed with “POSHOME” JSC, South Korea, on the supply of equipment for the production of light gauge steel structures, from which the frame houses will be assembled. The first plant for the production of “factory houses” was located in Kostanay region.

“Affordable Housing” JSC intends to constantly expand the geography of the project and cover not only the largest cities and regional centers of Kazakhstan, but also to start implementing the project in neighboring countries. 

“Affordable Housing” JSC is building individual residential houses in Astana, Kostanay, Almaty cities.
•      Use of the latest technologies of light gauge steel structures
•      Short time of construction (3-4 months) 
•      Affordable prices
•      High thermal insulation qualities - saving heating costs up to 50% 
•      High level of acoustic isolation
•      T houses are light enough and do not require massive foundations, which consequently reduces the cost of construction  
•      Construction is carried out without the use of “wet” processes, which makes it possible to build at any time of the year  
•      Seismic resistance (up to 9 points)  
•      Durability, reliability, fire resistance  

Affordable housing is environmentally friendly, “breathing” houses with a healthy microclimate.
In total, it is planned to develop over 700 hectares in these cities and also to enter other regions of Kazakhstan where there is a demand for the construction of affordable housing.

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