Three educational institutions have been established in Almaty: 

1. The Preschool Educational Centre (Kindergarten);

2. The International School-Lyceum for Elementary Grades (designed for 260 students);

3. The International High School-Lyceum (designed for 380 students);

The International School-Lyceum "Dostar" is one of the most modern private schools in Almaty, founded in May 2000.

In 2002, the International Lyceum "Dostar" was included under the list of UNESCO Associated Schools. The school adheres to the principles proclaimed by the UN and UNESCO and strives for an international level of education by participating in international educational programmes. It has partnerships with St. Andrews in Cambridge (United Kingdom), UNESCO Russian School No. 1148 named after. F.M. Dostoevsky in Moscow (Russia) and the Pukpyong Gymnasium (Korea).

Its achievements include the following:

• Awarded the National Certificate "Leader of the Year 2018"

• Awarded the Honorary Title of "Best Enterprise of Kazakhstan 2017"

• Won The Best Private School Award as part of the National Project "Choice of the Year in Kazakhstan" - 2008"