Manufacturer and supplier of concrete mixes in the Almaty region

Alcas is one of the leading companies of concrete mix production and supplies in Almaty city and in the Almaty region. The project was launched in partnership with the Alpha Network GMBH corporation in South Korea.

Completed projects include:

Esentai City


"Asyl Arman"

"AFD Plaza"

"Apple Town"

Baiken Mosque


Sports Complex "Ice Arena"


"Central Avenue"


"Life Town"

"Президентский парк"

  • Has a strong market presence since 2007.
  • Production capacity - 210 cubic metres per hour.
  • A wide range of products: all grades of concrete from M100 to M800, concrete solutions, expanded clay concrete.
  • A fleet of more than 25 concrete mixer trucks, concrete pumps from 37-56 metres.
  • Modern GPS monitoring system of the fleet of vehicles.
  • Certified laboratory with the support of NIISTROMPROEKT LLP.
  • The plant area spans across 2.63 hectares.