Affordable housing JSC

High standard of living at an affordable price

Affordable Housing JSC is an innovative company that carries out complex low-rise construction using advanced building technologies and modern materials.

These advanced technologies ensure that superior quality housing is constructed within a short period of time at affordable prices.

The company has many years of practical experience and has completed several projects consisting of micro districts within the cities of Almaty, Kostanay and Astana. As part of the projects, there are residential and social facilities located throughout the various regions of Kazakhstan including the inaccessible districts.

JSC "Affordable Housing" is the leader in low-rise construction in Kazakhstan. Our goal is to utilize advanced technologies and modern materials in city development.

The company aims to continuously enhance existing technologies by using new materials and innovations that improve engineering infrastructure.

Kazakhstanis will have a unique opportunity to live in comfortable low-rise buildings and the company is ready to transform it into a reality.

  • The List of completed projects are as follows:
  • Urker Cottage Town, Astana;
  • Karasu Cottage Town, Almaty;
  • Urker Cottage Town, Kostanay;
  • Medical Centre and Hotel in the Terrekts Village, which is located at the Altai Polimetal company mine;
  • Lepsy Tourist Centre at the Alakol district of Almaty region;
  • Casern Military Centre at the firing field in Zhambyl region;
  • Гостиница на руднике Терректы.